About the Company

TourCO is a subsidiary of dpl CONSULTING a sole proprietorship run by Danelle Laidlaw.  From 1996 – 2011 Danelle organized TourBC, a week-long supported road cycling tour in British Colombia.  John joined TourBC in 2000.  TourBC went to a different part of the province each year and was limited to approximately 120 cyclists per tour. 

In 2010, we ran the pilot for TourTK, a 13-day supported bicycle tour in Turkey.  TourTK was launched with the support Ken & Lima Wright and Firat Okutucu.  We ran between 2 and 4 TourTK tours per year with a limit of 12 cyclists/tour between 2010 and 2014.

In fall of 2013, John and Danelle travelled to Colombia to research a bicycle route in the coffee region in conjunction with Pure Colombia.  We organized a pilot tour of TourCO in February of 2014 with 12 people.  Using the feedback from that pilot, we made a few modifications and advertised TourCO starting in 2015.  In 2014, we did the research for a tour in the Highlands of Colombia.  In March 2015, John, Danelle, and Oscar pre-rode the route and a pilot trip was offered in February of 2016.  Our Highlands tour was then offered in February 2018.  As of 2020, we are no longer accepting individual registrations for our Colombian tours.  We are only taking groups of 8 or more.

In September 2016, the research was done for TourAL - a tour in southern Albania.  A pilot was run in September 2017.  Again, using feedback fromthe pilot trip, a few modifications were made and TourAL was advertised starting in September 2019.  TourAL has a maximum number of participants of 16.  


Company Founders

John Bates is one of the co-founders of TourCO.  John spent many years cycling with the BC Randonneurs doing many long-distance tours.  He worked with BC Hydro for over 30 years as a surveyor and once he retired, he took the Bicycle Mechanics course with Winterbourne Mechanics in Guelph, Ontario.  John has put together all of the maps and routing information, so if you have a route-related questions, he is your go-to guy. 



Danelle Laidlaw is the other co-founder.  She has worked in sports administration for Cycling BC before establishing her own alternative transportation consulting company in 1996.  Danelle has been a member of cycling clubs in Ontario and BC and continues to volunteer with the BC Randonneurs.  She is your contact for registering and any questions you may have.




People we work with

Gregg Bleakney, a former Seattle Randonneur, and cycling adventurer himself, now turned photojournalist/visual story-teller and living in Bogota, was instrumental in helping John and Danelle make the connection to Hernan and Oscar.  Gregg was also the impetus behind TourAL.  He contacted us after he travelled and cycled there suggesting we consider running tour.  Gregg helped to connect us with Outdoor Albania. 



Pure Colombia

TourCO has partnered with  Pure Colombia  to provide the best cycling experience possible.

Hernan Acevedo is the Manager of Pure! Colombia.  Hernan has arranged all our hotels, meals, flights, ground transfers and has hired experienced bilingual guides and a trained mechanic to assist us on the trip.



Oscar Canon is our lead Tour Guide.  He will be on the road with us leading the charge.  Oscar has undertaken a couple of epic cycling trips through North, Central & South America – so he has lots of stories and experiences to tell us about.  Check out some of his pictures.



Outdoor Albania

Tour AL has partnered with Outdoor Albania,a leading travel operator based in Tirana, the capital of Albania.  Founded by Illir Mati in 1991 after the fall of communism, the company is now run by his son, Gent Mati.  Outdoor Albania was founded to provide an authentic Albanian experience through outdoor activities with a cultural influence. 

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And our mechanic and van driver is "The Bike Doctor" - Kleard Rexhepaj.  Kleard runs a bike shop in Tirana and has been working with Outdoor Albania providing mechanical services for their bike tours.